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 * What do I need to open one of Pórtico's electronic catalogues? 
In order to open PDF files you will need to have installed in your system Adobe's "Acrobat Reader" (version 3.0 or later).
 * How can I get Acrobat Reader?
You can download it for free from Adobe's website:
This programme is often included on many CDs given away by computer magazines; also, many programmes feature it as part of their installation CD to enable the user to access the help files.
 * How do I open one of the catalogues featured on your website?
Just left-click the catalogue you want to open.
 * I'd like to download the catalogue onto my computer to be able to access it later on without being connected to the internet. How can I do this?
If you are using Netscape as your browser: If you are using Internet Explorer as your browser:
 * Once the catalogue is stored in my computer, how do I open it?
Double-click the "My computer" icon, locate the file in your system and double-click on it.
Note: On Mac OS, you may not be able to open a PDF document created in Windows by double-clicking the icon. If double-clicking the icon on Mac OS does not open the document, use File > Open in Acrobat to open the document, close the document, and try again. After you've used the Open command once on the document, you'll be able to open the document next time by double-clicking.
 * Can I change the magnification level of the catalogue?
Once you have opened a catalogue, you can increase or reduce magnification at any time.
To change magnification do one of the following:
 * How can I copy text to my word processor, database, e-mail message...?

  1. Select the Text Selecttext or abc , depending on the program version) and drag over the text you wish to select.
  2. Click the Edit menu and select Copy from the drop-down menu.
  3. Launch the other application (word processor, e-mail program...)
  4. Click the Edit menu, then select the Paste option

To select all the text on the page, click the Edit menu then the Select All option.
 * Can I print the catalogue?
Yes, you can print as many pages as you want. Click the File menu, then select the Print option. A dialogue box will appear asking you for the page or range of pages you wish to print.
 * Which fonts are used in your electronic catalogues?
Our electronic catalogues use system fonts (Times, Arial...) so that they can be opened under Windows, Mac OS or Unix.

To see the list of all fonts used, open the catalogue, click the File menu, select the Document Properties option from the drop-down menu, then select the Fonts option.

 * How can I page through the catalogue?
To go to the next page do one of the following:

To go to the previous page do one of the following:

To move to the last page do one of the following:

To go back to the first page do one of the following:

 * How do I find authors' names, titles or words in the catalogue?
Select the Find tool find or click the Tools menu, then select the Find option. A dialogue box will appear asking you to enter the string you wish to find (author's surname, part of a title, any word or part of a word (not only from the titles but also from indexes), a date of publication...

To find the next occurrence of the word click again the Find tool and select Find Again (the word must already be in the Find text box).

In Acrobat Reader v. 3.0 you cannot search for accented characters.

 * What should I do to receive your electronic catalogues?
Please read first our privacy policy.
 * What should I do to stop receiving your electronic catalogues?
Messages sent along with the catalogues always explain how to cancel the service in the future and show the address to write to.
 * Which currency are your prices in?
Prices on our website are shown in (Euros).

 * Do prices quoted in your catalogues include VAT?
Yes, prices include 4% VAT for books and journals, 16% for multimedia products.
For residents in Ceuta, Melilla, the Canary Islands and non-EU countries, VAT will be deducted from prices shown.